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Many of you may have read about the serious car accident that took place on State St. over the weekend of September 21st.   Sarah G. is a Penn Legacy player on the U18 girls black team coached by Wendell Hannaford.  Her car was t-boned and she was severely injured.   The impact was on the driver side door where Sarah was sitting.  She had her seatbelt on, but the impact was severe.  Emergency crews responded and it took approximately 30 minutes to be extricated from the vehicle.  She went through a 6 hour surgery and was moved to the trauma unit.

Penn Legacy Soccer Club would like you all to join us in supporting Sarah and her family by following the blog created to provide updates on her condition and information on how you can donate to a fund set up to help offset the significant medical bills that will result from her treatment.  Please reach out to your friends and family in the community to help Sarah and her family so they can focus on Sarah’s recovery.

Updates on Sarah’s condition and information on how to donate to her family can be found here.

Sarah Homecoming (2)

Sorry, forgot to add the date!  It will be this Thursday, January 23!!

Sarah Is Coming Home!!!

Hi all,
I was waiting on the possible "travel route" for Sarah when she returns home.  So here are the details:
-Skice and the Mountville Fire Company will be leaving Hershey Rehab between 3-4pm.  They will be headed to the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center, arriving around 445pm.  They will then leave the LPSTC and arrive at the Mountville Fire Co. around 530pm.
I have provided the link of the "route" below for those that can't make it to the Fire Co.  If the link cant be clicked, copy and paste should work.
I will be at the Fire Co. around 5pm just to make sure I am there in case they arrive early for any reason.  There will be light food and beverages served at the Fire Co.
Address for Mountville Fire Co.:  26 N. Lemon St., Mountville, PA
Let me know if you have any questions!  All are welcome.

Christmas Update

I know it has been a long while since I last sent an update out to you all regarding Sarah.  For what it's worth, I apologize.  Things have been constantly progressing forward since my last e-mail, however, as I've mentioned, it's been a slow and steady progression.  As Christmas is just around the corner, I think this update will serve as the best and most exciting one of them all.
As I had stated, Sarah had been getting sick everytime nurses attempted to give her food (pureed food, not completely solid).  Over the past week Sarah has gotten sick only two times!  Doctors also conducted a GI (no clue how to spell gastro...whatever) which came back today as stating that Sarah is suffering from "reflux."  This is great news as it means they are not finding anything more serious making her sick!
Doctors also did an X-ray on all of Sarah's breaks.  Doctors were pleased with the results and lifted Sarah's movement restrictions for her hip/pelvic.  This is a huge step forward for Sarah because the nurses can now begin rehabing those injuries as well.  I was a little confused by Randy's text regarding the type of therapy they are doing for her physically.  From what I can get from the message, they are slowly having Sarah put more weight and more pressure on her legs.  Sarah, with the help of Kim and a nurse, was able to walk the length of the parrallel bars! 
Sarah is now very alert while she's awake.  It appears that she's able to interact with her family and visitors, giving hugs, high fives, and even a few fist bumps!  More importantly, she's got a smile on her face!  I've been told that Randy and a nurse were talking to Sarah one night, and Sarah began to get red in her face and seemed to get a bit uncomfortable.  Why is this good news?  The nurse said that this is a sign that Sarah was struggling to speak and that the words are right at the tip of her tongue!  She was able to get out a few groans though, which I have heard numerous times from Sarah when I tell the girls it's time to do some sprints...
Funny story to share.  Sarah told me at practice once that she was at a store with Randy.  She told me that Randy was about to sneeze so she gave him a big ole slap on the forehead.  She hit him so hard he lost his balance!  When he asked her why she did that, she replied, "well you didnt sneeze did you?"  Well, Sarah had to sneeze a few days ago and Randy said to her, "should I smack you in the forehead like you did to me?"  Randy said that Sarah got the biggest sly grin on her face, showing that she remembered doing that!
A teacher of Sarah's brought a computer and keyboard to sarah's room last week.  Sarah was able to type her name, answer "yes" when asked if she had just typed her name.  Best news yet, Sarah was also able to type that she, for the most part, knows where she currently is, knows that she was in a car accident, and said that she misses home!!!!  This is such an amazing thing.  Sarah appears to be well aware of what has happened and what goes on around her currently. 
Finally, the best part yet..Randy said that Sarah was doing some more work on the computer with a therapist. Well, Sarah likes to be fiesty at times and typed on her keyboard to her therapist, "you're annoying."  Sarah still has her sense of humor!
Keep up the support guys.  Sarah is fighting and doing her part just as all of you are doing yours.  The journey is not over, but Sarah is definitely getting back to her old self!
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
Off to work..

Charity Game with Reading Police vs Penn Legacy Coaches

Special thank you to all of you who came out to the Lanco Fieldhouse tonight to support Sarah and her family.

Wendell's Posse of Reading and Berks County Law Enforcement played our Penn Legacy Coaches.  It was a fun night for all as we watched them play.

Below are the raffle ticket winners.

  • City of Reading Police Department Honor Guard (610960, 610796, 610545)

  • City of Reading Police Department K-9 Division and Challenge Coin (611038, 610970, 610967, 610964)

  • Philadelphia Union T-shirt and Scarf (610670)

  • Authentic Jerseys Argentina, Spain, Germany (610902, 610929)

If you have one of the winner tickets, please email Wendell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to claim your prize.

Sarah G

Hi all,

Well, Sarah has had a bit of a rough time the past 4-5 days.  She has been getting pretty sick.  Doctors are not exactly sure what is making her sick.  They did an X-ray on her abdomen to check if there may be any issues there, however, the X-ray came back fine.  They have put Sarah on IV because it has been hard for her to keep any food down.  They have not done much rehab on sarah the past few days to allow her body to heal herself from the sickness.

I know that whenever we get sick, it takes a toll on our bodies, so pray that Sarah gets better.  She's still fighting hard, but pray that her stomach stops causing her to get sick.

On last Sunday, the therapists brought Sarah to the gym.  With help from Kim and on of the therapists, Sarah was able to stand upright using the parrallel bars!.  Sarah was even able to bend her legs slightly and drag her feet a bit!  This is such a huge improvement because doctors did not believe Sarah would be able to put any pressure at all on her left leg for at least 6 months!


Sarah is making improvements everyday in spite of getting sick.  We still have a distance to go, but Sarah won't let anything stop her from making a full recovery.

Thank you all for your continued support of Sarah and her family.  Every little bit that we can do is definitely making a difference. 

Remember...Each Player. All Teams. One Club.  You all have made this more than just a slogan.



Sarah update

Hey all,

sarah has been doing well the past week or so in therapy.  The nurses are working her hard!  They are continuing to give Sarah a few ounces of food (applesauce, potatoes, ice cream) which helps Sarah to use her tongue which in turn helps her speech.

doctors also gave Sarah a Botox injection into her left leg.  The reason for this is to relax the muscles in her left leg.  The muscles may be so tight that it is making it difficult for Sarah to use them.  Who knew botox was used that way!

Unfortunately, Sarah has still been getting sick on some of the medications that they are giving her.  They are trying to figure out the right combination of meds for her still!  Sarah has been showing more signs of alertness. Therapists are having her follow along when they read to her.  Also, it may seem sad/bad, but Sarah even was able to cry real tears.  This was a reaction of hers to a bit of pain.  We don't want to see her hurting, but this also shows that Sarah is beginning to be more alert an more aware!


keep on praying and don't give up on each other or Sarah.  Everyday that we have is a blessing! Sarah is not done fighting!


dont forget, December 6 at 7pm at lancofieldhouse, benefit soccer game between Penn Legacy coaches and the "hometown hero" soccer team consisting of the Reading and Berks County law enforcement!



Hi Everyone,
Since Sarah has been back to rehab they have been working her hard for most of each day!  Sarah has not been reacting too well to the medication that she was put on to help the infection, so doctors have started to stop giving her those meds.  The infection is still healing but is making good progress! 
For the past week Sarah has continually become more responsive to nurses commands and directions.  Simple things such as having her, looking left, looking right, and reacting to that stimulus are things we truly take for granted.
Sarah has been losing some weight since she has been at Hershey.  Please pray that she is able to continue using her tongue more so that she can get more real/solid food.
As long as the infection keeps healing as is, doctors are confident they will be able to put the skull bone flap back for Sarah in a couple of weeks!!  Doctors will not act on this until they are completely certain the infection has healed.  The reason for this is doctors are trying to minimize the amount of trauma that they have Sarah go through, especially since she has been through alot.
I was told that Sarah was able to breathe through her nose with her mouth closed yesterday for a time!  This helps to show us that different bodily functions are beggining to work together.  It's like, if someone pinches your nose, your brain automatically tells the body to retrieve oxygen through the mouth.  It's a defensive mechanism in the body and shows that sarah has a stronger brain signal!
Sarah has been alert for the past week or so, however she is still not "awake."  Doctors use a scale out of 8 (with 8 being the most awake, which we would be considered.)  Sarah is considered to be a high 3, almost a 4 at this point in time.  Doctors have informed us that Sarah is very close to reaching a 4.  This is a tough "stage/level" because they state that Sarah may become agitated and confused.  Those characteristics are normal for a level 4, and may vary in how much agitation/confusion is seen. 
Randy and Kim told me this week that a bunch of the girls from the team went out to Hershey to see Sarah.  As tough as that must have been for the girls, I know it meant the world to both the Geisslers, and most importantly, Sarah.  I know for a fact that you girls seeing sarah will help her recovery.  All the brain stimulus of seeing people that have been a part of her life is extremely vital in a situation like this. 
Continue looking out for each other, just as you're looking out for SARAH!
****Remember to spread the word!  December 6, 2013 at 7pm at the Lanco Fieldhouse....Come watch the Penn Legacy Coaches take on the Reading Police Department in a game for Sarah!  There will be a raffle, with some awesome prizes given out at halftime and donations will be accepted as well!  Bracelets will also be sold!!!

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